Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why I Should Never Gamble

I'm buying lunch today for a fellow blogger, who blogs at Centerville Citizen, known to the blogosphere as WP.

The reason for my generosity is a bet that I lost in regards to the last election. I wagered that P. Chris Barden, who ran against Kim Burningham for the School Board, had taken no money from Parents for Choice.

The reason that I was so overly confident, in this regard, was that Barden had already declared several thousand dollars worth of individual contributions--Well over $35,000. Parents for Choice did not get listed on his tally at the time. I didn't think a campaign for the School Board would get much more money than that.

However, in January, Parents for Choice listed Barden as having received about $35,000 from them. Also, Bardens reporting now confirms these figures.

This means that Barden got a grand total of $62,438.16 in campaign contributions. Compare this to his opponent--$16,025.37.

Of course, if Barden would now be beholden to anyone, he owes himself at least $11,995.17 worth of favors.

Update: I had a great discussion with WP on a variety topics. There is a lot upon which we agree! In answer to a question from Allie in the comments. No, I was unable to pay for lunch. I did try, though.

More on what we discussed later.


Allie said...

In this case, I think that it is very unlikely that the person you were "gambling" with is going to let you pay. Go ahead and try, and let me know how it goes.


Allie said...

It also seems strange that so much money was poured into Barden's campaign.

Makes you wonder...

Tyler Farrer said...

Yes, I did use the term "gamble" very loosely. It was more of an excuse to go meet someone in the real world.

WP said...

I think we owe Natalie lunch or at least some chocolate. I understand she likes chocolate. It is not all bad as it is used in the Hogwarts infirmary and we know the darker versions are heart healthy too.

I am enthused that Barden could not fool a majority of the electorate with his money and titles. Has to be one of the most expensive and botched flameouts in Utah political history. Has anyone spent so much more than his opponent and then lost so badly? Anyone out there know?

Most things we agree with although we did not discuss vouchers specifically. WVC can boast as having the best of all the Crown Burger sites in Utah too. The lunch was great!