Monday, January 22, 2007

The Demise Of UPD:Blog Watch

It really is time for Utah Policy Daily to put "Blog Watch" out of its misery. Golden filled a niche for a time, but I'm afraid that technology trumps the person, in this case.

Today's "Utah Policy: Blog Watch" was a sad example of how inferior man can be against the machine. Golden Webb repeated the word "here" thirty-eight times, while providing a corresponding link. Not too helpful. On the other hand, the Utah Blog Hive, automatically provides the title of each blog post, plus each of the blogs are, exclusively, searchable from the Hive.

I'm sure that Golden's job has become so painful that he'd probably pull the trigger himself!


BenJoe said...

I am glad someone said something. For sometime now I have been struggling with the Blog Watch section. It reads like a long run-on sentence. Every other section of UPD is well organized, but the Blog Watch drives me crazy. Lately I just scan it, then read the rest of the newsletter.

Anonymous said...

For those of us that did not know about Utah Blog Hive, UPD provided a great public service with the Blog Watch. I think they deserve credit not criticism.

That being said, I'll probably switch over to UBH!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Blog Watch up until the election. It was too obvious that Golden was leaning way far to the right.