Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Let's Eat Out?

The Utah Restaurant Association plans to start an add campaign to get people to eat out more, and they want Counties to flip some of the bill. Davis County's portion would be $36,000.

Really, the dollar amount is irrelevant, because a government contribution of pennies would be a bad idea!

The U.R.A is betting that the advertising campaign will benefit those businesses that can't afford T.V. advertising, and it will help Counties by bringing in more tax revenue.

At the risk of sounding repetitive, taking money from the taxpayers to give to one particular group is legal plunder. And, spending taxpayer dollars to raise tax revenue is ludicrous.

Maybe if we promise to eat out more often this year, the U.R.A can skip the whole government funded ad campaign?

Eating out is something that doesn't need to be encouraged by the government. People love to eat out! Why are we, on the one hand, asking people to cook at home by lowering sales tax on unprepared foods, and then asking taxpayers to flip the bill for restaurants?

If the U.R.A. wants to help smaller restaurants, then ask for a monetary contribution from businesses. It has been done before.

I'm hoping my commission will show some common sense and opt out of the campaign.

Tax break for eating out often??

Check back for an update.