Thursday, January 04, 2007

Announcing: Lincoln's Legislative bLOG

There's a new blog that got started in October '06 that I just found. Lincoln's Legislative bLOG. It seems to represent the unofficial views of the League of Cities and Towns via their spokesmodel, Lincoln Shurtz. It leans heavily into the realm of the informative, but is light on opinion.

Check it out!


Natalie said...

Spokesmodel! Ha Ha Ha!

I don't trust men that have better hair than I do.

Tyler Farrer said...

Now for an admission.

I've never met Lincoln, or seen his face, so it seems unfair of me to refer to him as a spokesmodel.

That being said, I typed spokesmodel, almost, without thinking. Afterwords, before publishing, and while I was looking at the blog, I thought that these were things a hired gun would say.

What is a spokesmodel but a good looking, hired gun.

I decided to give Lincoln the benefit of the doubt that he was also good looking.

Ergo, 'spokesmodel'