Friday, January 05, 2007

Keys to Successful Blogging

Yet another year has past since I began blogging, and I finally feel as if I'm catching my stride. I would have gotten here sooner if I had only believed and followed the advice given me when I was starting out. I'm going to give away a bunch of the 'secrets' to successful blogging. I don't think I'm losing anything, because there is more than enough out there to share. Moreover, veteran local bloggers should be as welcoming as possible to novices. Blogging is a collaborative activity. It isn't achieved in a vacuum. Bloggers build from one another, and unlike the mainstream media, aren't in strict competition for their readership. New bloggers means additional readership, and comments to existing blogs.

Successful bloggers will do the following:

  • Post frequently.
  • Contribute to conversations on other blogs.
  • Restrict posts to one specific theme. (Maintain a sense of direction.)

Extremely successful bloggers will also:

  • Be nice.
  • Blog, at least in part, for a selfless reason.
  • Participate in events outside of blogging.
  • Have a basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Optional elements of blogging include:

  • The blogging application (i.e. Blogger, WordPress, homegrown, etc).
  • Spelling and Grammar.
  • Blogging Anonymously.

If you're unsure whether blogging is the right fit for you, start by making comments to other blogs. I'll extend an offer to anyone, that wants to try blogging on for size, to have a guest post on my blog. Assuming of course they'll post on Davis County topics only, and that they tell me who they are. I promise not to reveal the identity of anyone that wishes anonymity.

When you're blogging about something that is potentially contentious, it's a good idea to not let things get heated. I think one problem with posting anonymously is that people are willing to say things they otherwise wouldn't say.

When I began my adventure in blogging, I was posting exclusively at Farrer Commons, and I did so in order to boost my ego. I thought, I'm an opinionated person, and I'll happily impress my views on anyone. I saw some success doing this, but it's been nothing compared to Davis County Watch.

What is the difference?

I started Davis County Watch because I thought I could make a difference in my community. It was created for selfless reasons. Although, now I find it very fulfilling, and some of the selfish, Ego stuff, has probably crept in. I find that the act of writing tends towards a catharsis. Writing quiets the mind.

Regardless, Davis County Watch is meant to be a means to a very good end for the County.


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All very good points Tyler and thanks for your blog work!