Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Davis School District| Never Ending Protests

Walk with me over the time line of events we've witnessed in regards to the Davis School District boundary debacle.


Lawsuit leveled by a group of Bountiful parents comes to a head as the District abandons its boundary plans and goes with a consultant.


A plan is presented, not much different from the first, that leads to 600 letters from critics. Groups that are publicly opposed to the plan hark from Syracuse, Layton, and Cherry Lane. The Bountiful Parents remain critical.

Things do not look good for the District. If the numerous protests are simply ignored as the board votes in the proposed boundaries, will we have another lawsuit? If the board accepts the criticisms that have been voiced, will we go back to the drawing board again?

This is why this boundary dispute is all the rage.


Allie said...

wrThere is a time and place for speaking out in protest. School boundaries, in my opinion, are not one of them.

I remember a major church ward boundary change when I was 11 or 12. My friend and I sat and cried through most of the meeting. It felt like the end of the world.

Within a couple of weeks of the new boundaries, it was no longer an issue. Young people have an amazing ability to make new friends. Boundary lines make it more difficult to maintain friendships, but it is not the job of the education system to preserve friendships. Their job is to educate. If a friendship is so important, going to different schools should not destroy it.

People need to realize that there is never going to be a boundary line that makes everyone happy. It's time to accept what needs to be and move on. Put the focus on making the changes successful (by having a good attitude about change).

Tyler Farrer said...

The point I have failed to explicitly make in all of this is that boundaries should not be decided on the basis of keeping school friends in the same school.

It should be obvious that sacrifice will be required if a new school is to be built.

You're absolutely right!