Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Salt Lake Tribune - Utah:Institute urges cities to map out family roles

This time Paul Mero might be laying it on a little thick.

While I agree with the premise of his document (that government should foster the growth of the natural family). The document was written in a way that could cause offense where it didn't have to.

Mayor Briggs said it best, ''People might read that [resolution] and say, 'Kay Briggs thinks all women should stay home and make strawberry jam' or that I'm totally against people raising a family in whatever situation gives them the most comfort and solace,'' he said. ''I didn't read that into it, and I'm not opposed to discussing it.''

Salt Lake Tribune - Utah: Institute urges cities to map out family roles

Tuesday, November 15, 2005 | S.L. may turn 120 acres into open space zone

Public Hearing with the SLC Council on:
Tuesday November 15th at 7:00 pm
451 South State Street, Salt Lake City
3rd floor in the City Council Chambers

Questions to ask the City Council.

If the contested 80 acres gets annexed to NSL, are you going to feel that this process was a waste of time?

When North Salt Lake has to provide emergency services to patrons of the 'natural trail' will you foot the bill?

Deseret News:S.L. may turn 120 acres into open space zone

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Should there be a changing of the Guards?

Now that the people have spoken and a number of Mayors will be stepping down it is time to change the makeup of the Recreation District Board. The members of the board were picked in a very haphazard way. According to Tom Hardy, "each of the cities will appoint a representative to the administrative control board initially." Well, each of the cities chose to send their Mayor's.

Hardy stated that the whole setup was to be temporary until a time in which a better selection process could be implemented. That time is now.

Beginning in January, or if possible sooner, the responsibility for the Rec District should go to other shoulders. Beginning next year, Mayors Deamer, Martin, and Larrabee will step down. I would like to see Mayor's-elect Ron Russell, James Behunin, and Kent M. Parry step up to replace Deamer, Martin, and Larabee with an appropriate third-party representative.

It is also time for Joe Johnson to step down as Chairman of the District to hold true to the spirit of Hardy's comment. Johnson was there to hold the position "initially". It is time to establish a selection policy that will serve all five cities represented in the Recreation District, not just Bountiful.

Current South Davis Recreation Board*

Mayor Joe Johnson, Bountiful, Chair (801) 298-6146
Mayor Michael Deamer, Centerville 801-295-3477

Mayor Kay Briggs, North Salt Lake 801-936-3877

Mayor Carl Martin, West Bountiful 801-292-4486

Mayor Jerry Larrabee, Woods Cross (801) 292-4421

Dannie McConkie, Davis County Commission (801) 451-3200

Steve Rawlings, Davis County Clerk/Auditor (801) 451-3324

Darrel Twede, Citizen Representative

*Contact information taken from Citizens For Tax Fairness

A Smattering of Election Results

Joe Johnson (I), 4373
Jeff Ovitt, 1170
(Two council seats)
John Marc Knight,
R. Fred Moss (I),
Thomas Tolman (I),
Phill Wright,

Michael Johnson, 1017
Ron Russell, 2152
(Two council seats)
Justin Allen,
Richard Hunt,
Sherri Lindstrom,
Jim Pedersen,

David M Connors (I),
Scott C. Harbertson,
(Two council seats)
Paula Alder,
David Hale (I),
Susan Tanner Holmes (I),
Darrell Lake,

North Salt Lake
Juan C. Arce-Larreta, 255
Kay W. Briggs (I), 586
(City Council — 2 seats)
Lisa Watts Baskin, 653
Brian Elkins, 254
Matt Hardy, 612
(3 of 4 districts)

West Bountiful
Carl Martin (I), 433
James Behunin, 624
(Two council seats)
Wes Argyle,
Jay Bangerter,
Debbie McKean,
Rex Turnbridge,

Woods Cross
Jerry E. Larrabee I (I), 623
Kent M. Parry, 638
(Two four-year council seats)
Tamara Dayley, 650
Jill Evans, 536
Randen J. Funk, 592
Jon W. Hadlow (I), 645
(I) = incumbent

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Procrastinating your Civic Duty

There is a lot of talk around the water cooler today about getting out to vote. This is good. I have not heard much talk about being an informed voter, though. It seems that hits to this blog have already doubled the average hit for a day. I'll have to check again when the polls close to see if anyone still cares. Better yet, I'll check tomorrow to see if people have decided it's time to learn something about the person that got their vote!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Salt Lake Tribune - Utah:Hillside not all that divides North Salt Lake's mayoral candidates

Today, the Tribune focused on the race for Mayor in North Salt Lake. Juan Arce-Larreta says that our city leaders aren't listening. From the article.

"At a recent public meeting on parks, participants selected preserving the bench on the hill as the top priority, says Arce-Larreta, who serves on North Salt Lake's trails committee."

First, I was at that meeting. When given the choice between building a park (open-space), or building a trail(open space). The consensus will be for open space. If we had been given an alternative to open space, and we still voted for it, and Briggs had ignored the vote, then Juan may have had something. Except for one thing, Mayor Briggs does want to preserve open-space on the hillside.

Second, It was made clear at the beginning of the meeting that Arce-Larreta had the same agenda then that he has today. He has demonstrated, since that time, the same fidelity to his own ideas as the Mayor has to his. If the Mayor is guilty of not listening, then so is Arce-Larreta. Both have remained true to their original viewpoints.

Those who are grounded in reality want a balance between open-space and development. They want a cemetery, trails, parks, and also the means to pay for them. Briggs is fighting for a reasonable comprimise that should satisfy most people. He is also fighting a bully, in Rocky Anderson, that wants to impose an outsiders will on a smaller neighbor right to choose.

Salt Lake Tribune - Utah