Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Utahn's for Immigration Reform and Enforcement

"I think he ought to consider his views and decide whether they're consistent with the Republican Party," Rep. Chris Cannon, R-Utah, said of the Colorado congressman" (Tancredo)

The above quote comes from which is dedicated to immigration reform. What does Cannon think Tancredo is doing that is out of line? It seems to me that the GOP Platform is all for enforcing legal immigration? What am I missing?

Republican Platform

Thursday, August 25, 2005 | No amnesty, critic says

Representative Tom Tancredo will be speaking at the auditorium of the Redwood-Salt Lake Community College tonight at 7:00 PM. He is taking a hard-line stance against immigration puting the onus on employers rather than the government. Immigration becomes an important issue for Davis County to address considering the large illegal inmate population in our jails. Tancredo would have more illegals sent to jail. What sort of effect could this have on our Counties bottom line? | No amnesty, critic says

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Centerville Citizen: Eight candidates, eight letters, and hopefully eight responses

At the risk of sounding like a running advertisement for Centerville we should expect some response from most/all mayoral candidates for that city to appear on Citizens blog. Stay tuned...

Centerville Citizen: Eight Letters...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Clippertoday:Centerville rated best in state, county

Some good news about one town in Davis County.

Centerville rated best in state, county

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Salt Lake Tribune - Utah:Candidates for municipal offices

Below are the candidates that relate to this blog. As far as I'm concerned, I would like to see Joe Johnson of Bountiful gone. Kay Briggs of North Salt Lake to remain. I think that Arce-Larreta, Briggs' opponent, was recently fired by Salt Lake City-he's only running to reverse the position of NSL on the land dispute, anyway. Is it true that Michael Johnson, of Centerville, is only 22?!

Which candidates do you like? Are there any incumbents that you would like to see replaced?

(redacted by yours-truly)"DAVIS COUNTY Bountiful (mayor and two council seats) Mayor: Joe Johnson (i), Jeff Ovitt At-large: John Marc Knight, Fred Moss (i), Shawn O'Hara, Thomas Tolman (i), Phill Wright Centerville (mayor and three council seats) Mayor: Michael Johnson, Ron Russell At-large: Justin Allen, George Fisher, Delise Herem, Richard Hunt, Sherri Lindstrom, Jim Pedersen Clearfield (mayor and two council seats) Mayor: Thomas Waggoner (i), Mark Shepherd At-large: Ivan Anderson (i), James Barlow (i),Kathryn Murray, Don Ormsby, Vern Phipps Clinton (mayor and three council seats) Mayor: Mitch Adams (i) Four-year: Dale King (i), Lori Miller (i), Barbara Patterson, Frank Russell Two-year: Jeff Comrie, Chris Martinez, Nathan Schow, Cheri Reed, Tony Thompson Farmington (mayor and two council seats) Mayor: Dave Connors (i), Scott Harbertson, Cory Ritz At-large: Paula Alder, David Hale (i), Susan Holmes (i), Trinity Jordan, Robert Kohutek, Darrell Lake, John Montgomery, Art Parmley Fruit Heights (Sept. 13 caucus) Kaysville (mayor and two council seats) Mayor: Brian Cook (i), Neka Roundy At-large: Patrick Jon Buchanan, Mark Johnson, Gil Miller (i) Layton (mayor and two council seats) Mayor: Steve Curtis, Stephen Handy, Renny Knowlton At-large: Carl Thompson, Michael Bouwhuis, Scott Freitag, Michael Courtney, Kathy Hyde, Loran Hubbard North Salt Lake (mayor and two council seats) Mayor: Kay Briggs (i), Juan Arce-Larreta At-large: Brian Elkins, Matt Hardy, Lisa Watts-Baskin South Weber (mayor and two council seats) Mayor: Joseph Gertge (i), Guy Saucer At-large: Tom Graydon, Gayle Kennington, John Massengale (i), Scott Peterson, Farrell Poll Sunset (mayor and two council seats) Mayor: Janice Galbraith (i), Timothy Isom, Dan Von Almen, Brad Weller At-large: Randy Boothe, Ricky Carlson, Fred Childs (i), Norman Sant Syracuse (mayor and two council seats) Mayor: Amy Butters, Fred Panucci (i), Bill Williams At-large: Joshua Hughes, Lurlen Knight (i), Michael Lawton, Stuart Montgomery, Jeffery Orn, Phillip Orton, Doug Peterson, Marc Webb, Wesley White West Bountiful (mayor and two council seats) Mayor: James Behunin, Carl Martin (i) At-large: James Ahlstrom, Wes Argyle, J.R Bangerter, Alan Malan, Tom Madsen, Debbie McKean, Julie Millard, Rex Tunbridge West Point (mayor and two council seats) Mayor : Jerry Chatterton, John Petroff (i) At-large: Sheri Anderson, Lee Barrett, Eric Craythorne (i), Andy Dawson, Barbara Langston Woods Cross (mayor and two council seats) Mayor: Jerry Larrabee (i), Kent Parry At-large: Daniel Bradford, Tamara Dayley, Jennifer Decker (i), Jill Evans, Randen Funk, John Hadlow (i)"

Salt Lake Tribune - Utah:Candidates for municipal offices

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Standard Examiner:S. Davis rec center loses pool, features

The Rec Center will be scaled back with the following features missing:

Climbing Wall
Outdoor Pool
Some Stadium Seating
Some Sound Panels
Some Bike Racks
Some Carpeting

Officials have said that they may have to reuse parts of the old facility, (which is what they could have done in the first place). Why does it take a crisis like this before officials decide to try to cut costs?

Standard Examiner:S. Davis rec center loses pool, features

Monday, August 08, 2005

DesNews:Budget cuts loom for rec center

Today is the day to make your voice heard. Those who can attend the Recreation District meeting at 4:00 PM, please do.

Bountiful City Hall
790 South 100 East

Update: I don't like the title of this Deseret News article. It seems to imply that the Rec Center will end up costing us less than was originally planned when it is anticipated to cost 2.7 million more! A meeting, open to the public, will be held on August 15th at 6pm which all should attend that aren't going to today's meeting!
For more information see Citizens for Tax

DesNews:Budget cuts loom for rec center