Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Kay Briggs is retiring as Mayor: A little cricket told me...

One of my sources tells me that Kay Briggs is going to be retiring as Mayor of NSL and that Lynn Ballard, formerly a County Commissioner Candidate, wants the job. If I wanted to show some real credibility I would get an additional source. Also, I'll be pulling a Robert Novak, and not revealing my source-except, maybe, to a Grand Jury.

Now is your chance, dear readers, to confirm my information by answering these questions, three.

Where has Briggs been asked to go? By Whom? And in what capacity?


I've been told by two individuals now that Mayor Briggs is going to the Dominican Republic.

Update II: The Clipper has confirmed the story here

Friday, July 21, 2006

Introducing: Education in Utah

Education in Utah is a new blog started by a friend of mine, Natalie, who did a stint as a guest blogger here at Davis County Watch. She'd sent me an email encouraging me to blog on an education issue that had cropped up locally. I don't know if it was because I appeared to drag my feet in posting anything, or if it was my contrary reply, but she decided to blog about it herself.

She's extremely qualified to speak as a supporter of public schooling. She's on about every PTA board imaginable. Plus she's a firebrand, so the posts should be interesting.

This blog should not be confused with Educating Utah.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Compromise:NSL Naming Controversy

I'm calling on all parties to the North Salt Lake naming controversy to come together and compromise John McCain style. Here is my proposal.

Inspired by the ingenuity of the country Trinidad and Tobago, I propose the following name for our fair city.

North Salt Lake and Orchard Hills Tobago.

A perfect solution.

Feel free to comment as to my genius.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Petition to End Women's Suffrage

Who wants to end the suffrage of women everywhere?

Youtube: End Womens Suffrage

Learn to read.
Then read,
and read some more.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Today's Rant: Identity Theft

I know I'm not really one to talk when it comes to protecting my own privacy-- considering that I blog under my own name. However, if there were an organization that I would expect to be considerate of my confidentiality concerns it would be the government.

Congress passes laws that regulate how and when confidential information is to be shared, and secured by businesses and private organizations (examples of this include HIPAA, FCRA, etc. ). The government, on the other hand, has not done enough to insure that it regulates itself.

The other day, a letter arrived in the mail in a, clearly marked, identifiable envelope. In the envelope window were the first, middle, and last name of my baby as well as the seal of the Social Security Administration, and every indicator that this was a Social Security Card. My wife was quick to point out that when a new credit card arrives, that the contents of the envelope are obscured, and there is now way of knowing-beyond opening the letter, that you have recieved a Credit Card. Why the government does not take the minimal step of obscuring the purpose of the letter is beyond understanding. Should it be any surprise that ID theft is considered the "fastest growing crime in the nation"?

Why am I registering my concern on a blog soley concerned with County issues? Doesn't this seem to be a national issue?

Take a look at the low-tech methods used in ID Theft and ask yourself if the perpetrator must be close in proximity to the victim to commit this crime.

ID Theft is, primarily, a local issue. We should put pressure on our local leadership to drive change.

Salt Lake Tribune - Davis County considers tax increase

"The proposal is very attractive to me"

Commissioner Dannie McConkie talking about a proposed tax increase

Question from the peanut gallery: What sane person finds a tax increase to be "attractive"?

Salt Lake Tribune - Davis County considers tax increase

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Woods Cross Citizen: Questions the Candidates

Woods Cross Citizen has put up a great set of questions posed to our candidates for County Commission. I think these questions embrace what most citizens are asking.

Hat tip: Jeremy's Jeremaid

KCSG the number 1 Televison News Choice in Southern Utah, St George, Cedar City, Hurricane, Enterprise, Parowan, La Verkin, Kannarraville, Panguitch,

Question: Why is a Southern Utah News channel reporting on Davis County, animal shelter, statistics?

Answer: Because Davis County is awesome!

KCSG the number 1 Televison News Choice in Southern Utah, St George, Cedar City, Hurricane, Enterprise, Parowan, La Verkin, Kannarraville, Panguitch, Escalante, Zion National Park

Monday, July 10, 2006

Jana Truman Responds

I got this comment from Jana Truman on an old post of mine-back when she was in the runnings for County Commissioner. It deserves it's own post. My post that she references is here.


Now the election is over, I BEG your pardon that I did not communicate clearly my ideas to you. In a previous post on your blog you said I was already making excuses for poor performance. You also said that I espoused conservative principles but I wouldn’t accomplish anything because I didn’t know the difference between a beggar and a negotiator. I respectfully acknowledge your right to your opinion. I believe you are confused not only about my willingness to stand on issues, but also to be persistent in pursuing change, and if that is my fault then I am truly sorry.

I did not win the right to be placed on the ballot. Even so, without a title I am still keeping my campaign promises. For the record, I promised I would pursue changing an ineffectual law allowing judges to assign fees to inmates, both county and state, for the amount of core costs. Only Cache county judges are actually imposing such fees. Since the election, I have made presentations to the Director of the Sentencing Commission, the Governor’s general counsel representatives, the chairman of the joint judiciary committee and have attended and participated in the Governor’s Jail Reimbursement Reform Summit. I have been working with several county attorney offices (including Cache), sheriffs’ offices and legislators to bring a series of changes to existing law to increase compliance to the spirit of the existing law. If inmates pay their fair share of their core costs this could mean several tens of thousands of dollars to Davis County.

Core costs are negotiated by the state and a large panel consisting of sheriff’s and other stake holders. A county commissioner can give his or her opinion, but ultimately the body makes its own recommendation to the legislature for approval. A commissioner can influence by lobbying, but not participate in the committee. I can either obey the law or change the law. If you call my willingness to obey current law while trying to change it begging, then so be it.

I believe understanding current law and precedence and working to change those laws is not a reflection of my unwillingness to commit to conservative principles. In fact, if working to decrease the burden inmates place on the taxpayer and increase the inmates’ penalties is not a conservative principle, I admit, I have no idea what is.

If you wanted rhetoric from me I obviously disappointed you. I negotiate, I inform, I put my money where my mouth is and I do not quit. I take what I can get and I keep asking until I get everything I want.

If you would like to help be part of this solution I invite you to call me privately at 801-682-9527. I would also be happy to tell you about the other conservative solutions I am pursuing even without the benefit of a title, in behalf of the taxpayers of Davis County.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Clipper:NSL still looking at possible name change

It's time I weigh in seriously on the proposed name change for North Salt Lake. I would agree with so many others that a name change would be costly, confusing, and (looking for a c-word).

Now the Council is looking at the cost of doing an opinion poll on the matter. They really don't need to ask this question because, I can tell you now, Poll's gonna cost 'em!

The City Council is supposed to meet on Monday. Will there be a forum for public input at that meeting?

All North Salt Laker's tend to abbreviate the name as 'NSL'. Now, if the name is changed, what are we going to do? 'OH'? O-Hill'? The 'Orchard H'?

My associates have already commented here.

NSL still looking at possible name change

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

ksl.com| HOV Lane to Go On Sale in August

"Single drivers can soon buy their way into I-15 carpool lanes. "

Married drivers need not apply.

ksl.com - Utah's Online Source for Local News & Information HOV Lane to Go On Sale in August

deseretnews.com | Am. Fork is biggest 'American'

deseretnews.com | Am. Fork is biggest 'American': " American Fork was originally named Lake City for its proximity to Utah Lake. The name remained in place from 1850, when it was settled, until 1860, after the town was incorporated.
For fear of being confused with Salt Lake City, the bigger neighbor to the north, Lake City's name was changed to American Fork, after the river that runs from American Fork Canyon to Utah Lake."(italics are mine)

Perhaps NSL should see how American Fork faired after it's name change. Why does everyone have the problem of being confused with Salt Lake City?

I'm Back!!!

Thank you Natalie and Alice for helping me out this like week with your prolific posts. I've changed the background to blue (it's supposed to be blue-I could be better at my color mixing.) in honor of my new boy. I understand a lot of people were confused by the pink motif. This also signifies that it's my show again.

It's funny how I have gotten used to things being a certain way. I've been tempted more than once to intervene, but that would not be polite. Let me offer one example. I made a conscious choice, when I started blogging, not to post pictures to the blog. It wasn't that I didn't know how, but I wanted people to come here because of what I'd written. The first picture I saw posted caused me some, completely illogical, anxiety. Don't worry, I'm over it now.

This week has also been an exercise in self-examination. Natalie pointed out, of late, that I have a Paypal link. It may appear to some that I'm really raking it in for my efforts as a blogger. Let me disabuse my readers of this concept. I had put that link up with the idea that I would never solicit payment, but that I wouldn't close the door to it. Ergo, the Paypal link. Rest assured that I've not, yet, gotten a penny for my efforts. If I ever found some money in my account I would be surprised!

And, on coming home from the hospital I discovered that I am now missing one lawn sign, and I want it back! I think the city I live in, North Salt Lake, might have an ordinance that states I can't have a lawn sign up except just before an election, but I'm not sure. This sign was for Bret Millburn, and his race is not decided until November. I was going to take it down after the Primary, and put it up again just before the election, but that can't happen without my sign.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Pay Pal Donations Accepted

My husband was just looking over my shoulder and wondering why Tyler has the Pay Pal link on his blog. We've clicked on it, and it just takes you to a place where you can donate to the Farrers. So, I'm wondering what Tyler's doing with the money, and also pointing out that Alice and I totally deserve a chunk of the cash he is pulling in, because we have been delightful guest hosts while he has been so busy being the family guy. So, donate today!

From the North Salt Lake Star

"The proposed name change for North Salt Lake City is still under consideration. The City Council has decided to have a public opinion poll conducted and a cost analysis completed before moving forward with a possible name change."

If you are wondering how we feel, here's my letter to the Clipper published June 22nd.

And here is Alice's letter published the same day.

Come One, Come All!!!

NSL Independence Day Celebration!
Tonight, July 3rd
at Eaglewood Golf Course
in North Salt Lake
Live Music!
The Best Fireworks Display in the
History of Davis County!!!*

The fun starts at 6:00 - make sure to stop by the dunking booth! All proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society, and you might get a sight of the elusive Allie!

*has not been verified by an independent fireworks auditor

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Fog and Illusions

The Mr. and I attended a scout day camp with two Webelos on Friday. One of the classes we attended was called Fog and Illusions, where we learned about.... fog (what causes it) and illusions.

My family has been talking about the Culture of Fear lately, so this letter to the editor in today's tribune caught my attention.

It is so frustrating to me that there are leaders in our country who would keep us all in a fog, and distracted by illusions. As long as we are captivated, distracted, and then polarized by contrived issues, we are controlled, and the real issues can be conveniently pushed aside (until catastrophe strikes).

Would you rather worry about flag burning and an avian flu pandemic, or affordable health care for everyone.

I know what our government would rather have us worry about. Fear controls.