Friday, July 07, 2006

Clipper:NSL still looking at possible name change

It's time I weigh in seriously on the proposed name change for North Salt Lake. I would agree with so many others that a name change would be costly, confusing, and (looking for a c-word).

Now the Council is looking at the cost of doing an opinion poll on the matter. They really don't need to ask this question because, I can tell you now, Poll's gonna cost 'em!

The City Council is supposed to meet on Monday. Will there be a forum for public input at that meeting?

All North Salt Laker's tend to abbreviate the name as 'NSL'. Now, if the name is changed, what are we going to do? 'OH'? O-Hill'? The 'Orchard H'?

My associates have already commented here.

NSL still looking at possible name change