Monday, July 10, 2006

Jana Truman Responds

I got this comment from Jana Truman on an old post of mine-back when she was in the runnings for County Commissioner. It deserves it's own post. My post that she references is here.


Now the election is over, I BEG your pardon that I did not communicate clearly my ideas to you. In a previous post on your blog you said I was already making excuses for poor performance. You also said that I espoused conservative principles but I wouldn’t accomplish anything because I didn’t know the difference between a beggar and a negotiator. I respectfully acknowledge your right to your opinion. I believe you are confused not only about my willingness to stand on issues, but also to be persistent in pursuing change, and if that is my fault then I am truly sorry.

I did not win the right to be placed on the ballot. Even so, without a title I am still keeping my campaign promises. For the record, I promised I would pursue changing an ineffectual law allowing judges to assign fees to inmates, both county and state, for the amount of core costs. Only Cache county judges are actually imposing such fees. Since the election, I have made presentations to the Director of the Sentencing Commission, the Governor’s general counsel representatives, the chairman of the joint judiciary committee and have attended and participated in the Governor’s Jail Reimbursement Reform Summit. I have been working with several county attorney offices (including Cache), sheriffs’ offices and legislators to bring a series of changes to existing law to increase compliance to the spirit of the existing law. If inmates pay their fair share of their core costs this could mean several tens of thousands of dollars to Davis County.

Core costs are negotiated by the state and a large panel consisting of sheriff’s and other stake holders. A county commissioner can give his or her opinion, but ultimately the body makes its own recommendation to the legislature for approval. A commissioner can influence by lobbying, but not participate in the committee. I can either obey the law or change the law. If you call my willingness to obey current law while trying to change it begging, then so be it.

I believe understanding current law and precedence and working to change those laws is not a reflection of my unwillingness to commit to conservative principles. In fact, if working to decrease the burden inmates place on the taxpayer and increase the inmates’ penalties is not a conservative principle, I admit, I have no idea what is.

If you wanted rhetoric from me I obviously disappointed you. I negotiate, I inform, I put my money where my mouth is and I do not quit. I take what I can get and I keep asking until I get everything I want.

If you would like to help be part of this solution I invite you to call me privately at 801-682-9527. I would also be happy to tell you about the other conservative solutions I am pursuing even without the benefit of a title, in behalf of the taxpayers of Davis County.