Monday, April 10, 2006

Jana Truman: Beggars can't be choosers

Over the weekend I went to a 'Meet the Candidate night' with Jana Truman, Troy Rawlings, and James Ivie. Although she's not been elected, Truman was already making excuses for poor performance. She was unwilling to commit to anything, but if she made a campaign promise, that afternoon, it was something like this, 'I will do everything I can not to raise taxes until I inevitably do!' She indicated that she espoused conservative principles, 'in principle', but thought they could, often, not be implemented. So, you can thank the ACLU, or the State of Utah if Truman doesn't accomplish anything. She did reveal the first sprouts of a good idea which I doubt will bear any good fruit, because she will be ineffectual at implementing it. Her idea was to take some of the load off the County Jail by establishing a rehabilitation center for drug abusers. When I asked her if she would accept money for inmates from the State on the condition that they wouldn't reimburse Medical expenses (which is how things are for the Jail) she didn't think that she could say 'No' to the State.

The overall impression I get from Truman is that she doesn't know the difference between a negotiator, and a beggar. The negotiator can walk away from a deal if it doesn't meet specific conditions. A beggar takes what they can get, but they don't get much. Some people call her 'honest', but I call her ineffective.

One side note: I actually was impressed with both Rawlings, and Ivie. I don't know why they've sided with Truman other than some political inexperience on Rawlings part. They may have my vote, though. We'll see.