Monday, April 24, 2006

Republican Blog: Top Ten

It appears the news is out that I am a registered Republican. I can't believe that I never let that fact slip out before, but I can appreciate the disappointment that it must be to those who thought that I was a liberal. The request was made in comment to my last post that I change the name of this blog to "Republican Davis County Watch". Just for fun, I'd like to discuss the possible implications of the proposed change in the following way.

The top ten reasons to change the name of this blog to "Republican Davis County Watch".

10) People who might otherwise agree with me will begin to see my true nature as the 'spawn of evil'.
9) As no Democrats ever get elected in Davis County, this will eliminate any illusion that they are in power.
8) To prevent any confusion between this and the "Green Party Davis County Watch".
7) Have you ever compared a Republican Watch with the generic version? Try it now, and you'll wonder how you ever told time without a minute hand!
6) Because, maybe I will get to vote in the Primary and my blog will get a vote too.
5) One day, when I forget my ID when voting, I can say, "But, I run 'Republican Davis County Watch'".
4) '' just isn't long enough!
3) Because, everybody's doing it.
2) Because Karl Rove said so.
1) Because this blog is a fiscally responsible, conservative, and carries a gun!