Saturday, April 22, 2006

County Convention: Preliminary to a Primary

The results are in.

P. Bret Millburn beat out McConkie with a whopping 67% of the vote! My vote was clearly for Milburn, but I had been worried at the start that he may not do as well in front of a crowd. I am glad to have been wrong at that. Millburn managed to rally the crowd in his favor that may have been undecided up to that point. It seemed he was channeling Reagan in communicating. He deserved his ovation, and deserved the win. I wonder how McConkie will finish his term? My guess is that he has not finished with politics. I'm betting he is eyeing an appointment somewhere at the State level. He isn't out of sight despite his unpopularity at the convention.

Other results include Ivie with 87% of the vote. This was not a surprise.

Yet more will have to be decided in the Primaries this summer. Michael Deamer and Louenda Downs came in close and were too close to decide. Todd Richardson and Bud Cox came within 10 votes of one another.