Monday, April 17, 2006

Meet the Candidate: Brian Cook

I met Brian Cook on Friday, who is running for the 'Northern' Commission seat B. He saw who was running for that seat and where they live and felt that the Northern part of the County would be severely under-represented if he didn't run. Up until Friday, I thought I might support Deamer for that seat, but I think I'm changing horses on this one. I'll meet Deamer on Tuesday night, so I can still change my mind, but I'm backing Cook.

I have many reasons for thinking this way. Cook only needs to continue on the Commission as he has acted as Mayor for eight years to win my support. As Mayor of Kaysville the property tax went down 16%. He brought business to Kaysville by helping to develop a business park (the park is privately owned and operated). He researched the cost of building a public swimming pool in Kaysville and determined that there was no way such a facility could be operated at a profit and so did not pursue it. As I understand things, the city has contracted with a private group to provide some recreation facility's for the city. In short he acted the part of a fiscal conservative.