Thursday, April 27, 2006

Blogswarm: Everybody's doing it

Blogswarm (n): A million monkeys typing while Shakespeare sleeps.

The people at Exoro have come up with a novel idea. It is simply this. To start Utah's first blogswarm. The thing that I'm not sure about is whether I like being lumped in with everyone else. Am I opposed to getting nuclear waste in my backyard? Yes! I don't even care whose waste it is, I don't want it here. In fact I think the best argument against the storage of Nuclear waste in Utah is that it must be transported across the country to get here. That is as large a target for a terrorist attack that I have considered. But, I have nothing original to contribute to the argument. I recieved two emails from Utah The first email said this, "If we generate a groundswell, we could earn recognition from some of the nation’s power bloggers, consequently introducing your blog to a large new audience. " Okay, so I'm actually supposed to be blogging about this important issue because it will bring national attention to me? What about the cyclops fish? What about the fact that I blog on local issues, and don't need, or want a national audience?

The second email was even more enticing.

"If you are able to post tonight we will try to link to it in tomorrow’s UPD." Now, I'm really tempted. I mean I probably write one good post for every ten, and Golden Webb rarely links to me. I kind of enjoy the challenge, really. But, this is as close to a sure-thing as I've ever gotten from Utah Maybe I'm just being too difficult. I should just throw in with the rest and start typing. It's too late now.

I've got to say, though, that I read one exceptional post at Utah Planner's Corner on the topic. Maybe this blogswarm thing really does bring out the creative spirit in it's participants?