Friday, April 14, 2006

Meet the Candidate: Bret Millburn

I saw Bret Millburn last night and now I've found my Candidate for Seat A.

Let's contrast Millburn with Jana Truman, who is running for Commission Seat B. Truman said she was a Conservative, but did not feel that it worked in practice. Millburn said he believed that conservative principles could be successfully implemented. Millburn actually levelled a gutsy critisism at the county citizens for saying that we are conservative, but then asking for things that make us anything but conservative. The word he used was, 'hypocrites'. He used the Recreation Center as an example of something that we should not ask the government to provide. He actual spent most of his time talking about positive changes that could be made to make County Government more transparent and accessible to the citizens. Both have been heavily involved in politics, but Millburn seemed to have a humility that Truman lacked. He made the meeting less a referendum on him and more about the issues he cared about.

It seemed that he had the support of almost everyone in the room until he was asked a question about his views on Education. At this point, one individual, seemed concerned. Let me specify first, that Education has very little to do with the duties of a Commissioner, but Millburn tackled the question anyway. The question posed was on how Millburn felt about credits being given to those who choose private schools for their children. Millburn responded that he felt that it was right that public schools should exist, but that we should hold them accountable for what they do. He feels that if public schools needed to compete that they would start to improve. I feel as Millburn does. This is a core Conservative principle, and even though Millburn didn't have to state this view, he did.