Monday, April 17, 2006

Davis School District: Bond Survey

Study conducted for the

Davis School District

Bond Survey

February/March 2006


Dan Jones & Associates, Inc.

Questions asked during Bond Survey

Question 1-4: Do you have any children or grandchildren who attend school in the (1) Davis School District in: (2) Elementary School? (3) Junior High School? (4) High School?

Questions 5-13: To address population growth, safety concerns and ongoing maintenance needs, the Davis School District has presented a plan that will address such needs for the next five years. This plan affects virtually every community in the District. The plan calls for new schools in areas of growth, reconstruction of one old school, and renovation and upgrading of school buildings throughout the district. A special election, in conjunction with a primary election, will be held on June 27, 2006, for a $230 million dollar bond. And the district has promised, as it did in 2003, to keep the current tax rate as it currently is, meaning if the bond is passed, the current tax rate would remain the same as it is today.

I would like to read you a list of some items in the School Building Improvement and Construction plan that will be covered by the bond. Please tell me whether you favor or oppose bonding for each item?

(5) Upgrade Bountiful High, (6) Upgrade Woods Cross High, (7) Upgrade Clearfield High, (8) Addition to South Davis Junior High, (9) Addition to Farmington Junior High, (10) Addition to Reading Elementary, (11) Addition to South Weber Elementary, (12) Replacement of Wasatch Elementary, (13) Building new schools

Question 14: And, how likely are you to vote in a school bond election to be held as part of the June Primary Election?

Question 15: If a special bond election were held today, would you vote for or against the district’s proposed $230 million dollar bond for school construction, renovation, and upgrading?

Question 16: If against: Why would you likely vote against the bond?

Question 17: Generally speaking, how interested are you in this school bond election, using a 1-10 scale, with one meaning not at all interested and ten meaning very interested?

Question 18: Do you currently work with the PTA, school community council or volunteer at one of the schools?

I will post my comments on this Bond next week. -Tyler