Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Davis School Board| Consultant vs Parents

There were a storm of visitors to my blog this morning, and I wonder how much of that phenomenon is post holiday activity? Some of it could be a reflection of my recent posts on the school boundary dispute. There is an event tonight that could change the tide for the district.

I'm not a journalist--I don't even consider myself to be of the citizen newsie variety. But, I think others check my blog as a kind of acid test on how they are doing. People google themselves and end up reading something of mine.

It's weird acting as a mirror for politico-narcissists.

Tonight one individual, representing the interests of the School Board, will pull back a curtain shedding a little light on an otherwise mundane boundary proposal.

It should have been dull except that it has been secret.

It's ironic that a lawsuit aimed at exposing a secret should do so much to create another secret. Perhaps that says something about the motive of the Davis County School Board. A group of people who would prefer an irony to a mundane proposal.

Comments will be accept by email, or snail mail. No other public hearing will be held. No public comments will be aired.

Transparency does render all things uninteresting.

The Davis School District has made this interesting. Now they can come here and look in the mirror.