Wednesday, January 03, 2007

School Boundaries: Valid Concerns

My thoughts on the Davis County School boundary dispute might not make friends with, or the School Board. However, I think there are valid, and silly concerns in regards to the boundaries.

Valid Concerns

  • Boundaries decided in secret without input from parents.
  • No public comments from parents
  • No additional public meetings

Silly Concerns
  • Trying to minimize the impact on sports teams.
  • Randy Smith's view that students safety will be impacted.

I feel I should explain the 'safety concern' issue. Questions of dangerous roads should be addressed, primarily, to local municipalities. If a road has a high incidence of accidents, it should be addressed by an ordinance, or by changing the layout of the road. Or, if it can be shown that the cause of many accidents are the carelessness of the drivers (common with teenagers), then education, or enforcement should be pursued. If Smith is serious about the safety of a particular road he will also ask the questions; Are drivers using safety belts? Should the speed limit be lowered, or raised? Are students provided with alternate modes of transportation to school? To quote from
"Why is this road so dangerous? Some believe that it is because virtually all of Viewmont High students commute south in commuter traffic to school." (italics are mine)
To say that 'some believe' one thing, or another, really isn't saying anything. Who says? Wikipedia has identified this type of language as 'weasel words', because it supposes authority where there is none.

I anticipate a flood of comments to this post. Show me my error.


Matt Hardy said...

Finally I could not agree with you more.

Jeremy said...

Amen. Good post.