Monday, January 08, 2007

Davis School Boundary dispute--Riding the Wave

Syracuse Commmunity Matters has only been around a short while, and urges its community to oppose the current proposal for the Davis School District boundaries. The boundary dispute seems to be all that it discusses.

I keep saying that this boundary dispute has created a lot of buzz. Evidence of which can be found at a site that seems only to scrape content that is likely to get the highest advertising revenue. I won't provide a link (I don't want to feed the beast), but you can find it at ( This site decided the boundary issue was 'hot' enough to post a link to the story on KSL.

Also, this video of the tail end of the School District's, January 2nd Meeting tells us that the District has asked the Consultant to look at the safety concerns expressed by critics. What of those concerns? The YouTube user, DavisVIG, has only posted videos of the school district boundary meeting.