Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mayor Schaeffermeyer::Got To Like Her Style!

I like NSL's mayor, Shanna Schaeffermeyer. Even if I can't yet spell her name.

She stood up for NSL, fighting a commitment to Legacy Highway, by saying, "For our city, it's pushed so far west that we won't use it."

Contrast that with Centerville's Mayor. Mayor Russell got duped into letting UDOT plan a major artery through town, and downtown. Main Street to be precise.

We need mayors in Davis County that will stand up for the interests of their cities, when the overall goals of the larger state are harmful.

P.S. I hear that Mayor Schaeffermeyer has been holding the South Davis Recreation District board to a higher standard as well.

It doesn't hurt at all that she can't have a seat on the board.

She has a voice. And, she uses it.

Davis County mayors pass transportation resolutions


Allie said...

I thought Mayor Briggs was absolutely wonderful, and was sad that he left. He was always extremely supportive (and available) for youth council activities.

I have to say though, that I'm quite impressed with Mayor Shaeffermeyer!

In the last city newsletter she mentioned setting up a city email system to keep people aware of what is going on in the city. I hope that happens, it seemed like a great idea!

Thrasher said...
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Thrasher said...

This is available on the cities website!
NSL Website
Here is the direct link...
Newsletter signup