Friday, January 12, 2007

Legislature To Davis County: 'Leave Us Alone'

The Senate will consider a resolution, which, gives the State Department of Corrections a pat on the back for contracting with Davis County to house State inmates. Although, Utah doesn't reimburse the County nearly the amount that the Federal Government does. Utah has no provision to reimburse the counties for costs related to expansion, and really only pays 50% of the operating cost for the state inmates.

No money comes for transportation and medical expenses.

Steve Rawlings, County Clerk/Auditor, has contested the State's claim that they pay what is contracted. Rawlings says they are contracted to pay 75%. This resolution is specifically addressed to Davis County in such a way as to convince the new Commission that they should thank the State for underpayment.

Take a look at Senate Resolution SJR007 and ask yourself, is $42.32 per day enough for a 24.8 million dollar facility?

Update: This passed both the Senate and the House. It turned out not to be controversial. I think something was missed by our Senator Eastman. My guess is that the County Commission thanks the Legislature for short-changing the county.