Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Teenagers: Fake-baking Days Are Numbered

Utah may soon have the countries most pale teenagers. One legislator wants to apply Davis' Health Departments ruling Statewide. The bill would require parents to accompany teenagers that wish to go tanning.

Children will still be able to go outside without an escort. There is also, as yet, no plan to ban juveniles from attending swimming pools and parks.

Clipper:Davis tanning rules may go statewide


bbart said...

I think there should be a ban on teenagers at the mall and movie theater without being accompanied by an adult.

You know this could all make for a new business sector. Hire an adult to accompany your teenagers various places they have been banned from going by themselves.

Anonymous said...

If we let people sell minors a dose of harmful infrared radiation (a known carcinogen)for purely cosmetic reasons without parental consent, then why not let kids go to bars, buy alcohol, tobacco, drugs, not wear seat belts, enlist in the army etc ... without parental consent?

The Davis board of health and Senator Jones are helping protect parental rights and I applaud their efforts.