Monday, January 29, 2007

NSL V. SL V. State Senate

North Salt Lake City and Salt Lake City may settle out of court in regards to the land dispute that has occupied both cities.

80 acres of NSL owned property lies within SL boundaries. NSL would like to annex the land in order to partially develop it. SL and NSL sued each other over the land. State Senator Dan Eastman has introduced a bill, SB0130, that would make it possible for a city to annex land that is adjacent to it, but not within its boundaries without having to ask permission from the neighboring city.

Has Salt Lake City seen Eastman's bill, a threat to their position, as likely to invalidate their lawsuit? I can't see any other reason that the big gorilla neighbor to our south would be willing to negotiate now.

Desnews: Can Cities Stave off Court Fight?