Thursday, March 01, 2007

Splurting And Legislative Musings

In an alternate universe, in which I actually had time to blog today, here is what I would have blogged on. But, in more detail, and you would have laughed so hard that you would now be splurting 2% milk out of your nose, even though here, you only drink skim.

  • Longer Legislative sessions
  • Appropriations oversight
  • Government bodies that lobby for special interest
Let's face it, all three of these topics are side-splitting funny on their face. Underneath, however, there might be some good ideas that could use some fleshing out.

For example, the idea has been proposed to move the first day of the legislature from Martin Luther King day, which has led others to suggest that the entire black history month is out of bounds. Which begs the question as to what you do for black history month on a leap year. One more day of "black history" might have been too much except that it only happens once every four years. Maybe we could give that extra day to another minority group--like, the visigoths.

What if our we had a legislature that only meets every four years, finishing every February 29th? Such a government might accomplish more because the elected would have less time in session to lobby the lobbyists for one more perk, and one more day that month to finish what they started (like that game of 'stack the salt shakers', for one). One rule could be that legislators could only get perks when they are in session.

A lobbyist may be overheard saying, "I'm out of Jazz tickets for this year, but I can book you some for 2012!"

2012 is going to be a great year for the Jazz!

All of these things are thought completely through in my doppelganger's head, but this brain is full of other things right now.

Things like the fact that 'splurting' is not a word, but it should be.