Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Davis County Jail: Completed Under Budget

Citizens for Tax Fairness had applied a lot of political pressure on the County to save costs on the new jail expansion. It looks like these efforts have now paid off to the amount off to the amount of 1/2 million dollars.

Chalk up another win for grassroots politics.

New Davis County jail in under budget


Anonymous said...

It's a good thing it came underbudget. Now the Sheriff can put the money back in the tax payers bank account that he took when he started the project before the budget was approved. Footings and part of the foundation was poured before the approval was given. Where did that money come from. Fuzz math is a good way to justify any political project. An economics teacher once tooled his Economics 101 class... "Figures never lie, But liars can figure." I dont trust Bud Cox and Danny McConkie any further than I can throw them. Which considering they are both over 300 Pounds it wouldnt be far.

Tyler Farrer said...

Unfortunately, the last place this money is going to go is in the taxpayers bank account.

Anonymous said...

I'm one taxpayer that would like to thank Citizens for Tax Fairness. Way to go Ron.