Saturday, February 03, 2007

Quote Of The Day: NSL State Of The City

Mayor Schaefermeyer on being fiscally conservative(pdf).

Probably one of the biggest changes this year was my selection to replace Kay Briggs as mayor. We applaud Kay for his service and wish him success in his professional endeavors. It’s an honor to serve our community and I desire to stay the course by being fiscally conservative with our city revenues.
Many of you read that I and one other mayor opposed a $10 motor vehicle registration increase.
Unfortunately, the county commissioners will put this into effect. The money is earmarked for corridor preservation – basically buying property along the Legacy corridor. I’m not opposed to preserving this corridor or other transit corridors, but I think we are imposing too many small fees here and new taxes there and our citizens are feeling that there is a crisis with government spending. I know I feel this way.
I think we are often short-sighted and do not sufficiently explore other options and research other funding sources rather than create new funding sources.