Wednesday, February 07, 2007

HB0346:Electoral College Vs. Popular Vote

The House Government Operations Committee is meeting today. One item on the agenda is HB0346 which would join Utah with a bunch of other States wishing to get rid of the Electoral College.

I've heard arguments that, with advances in technology and increased literacy, we have no reason to have any elements of a Republic in our Nation.

My response to that is simple. Just because we all can vote, does not mean that we will vote. If we want to abandon this country to the whims of a vocal minority, then, by all means, get rid of the Electoral College.

The committee meets today at 2:00 PM - Room W010.

Electoral College or Popular Vote

Update: This bill failed in committee thanks to the following people.

Aagard, D.
Bowman, D.
Donnelson, G.
Fowlke, L.
Grover, K.
Hutchings, E.
Mathis, J.
Oda, C.