Wednesday, February 07, 2007

In The History Of Bad Ideas...

...these are some bad ideas.

HB0063S01 (sponsor Hendrickson, N) : Would provide a way for all sorts of naive people to have their identities stolen by providing an optional birth date field on initiative and referendum petitions. You're told that if you don't provide your birth date that your signature may not count towards the petition.

HB0289 (sponsor: Wiley, L): Would require insurance companies to provide coverage for prescription contraception unless it is against the employers religious ethic.

HB0346 (sponsor: Hansen, N): Which I've already mentioned--is an attempt to get rid of the electoral college.

What do these three sponsers have in common? They all voted to pass HB0346 (the Popular Vote Bill) out of committee.


Allie said...

I've never had insurance that DIDN'T cover birth control pills, so I have a hard time understanding that there are some that don't (but apparently do cover viagra....)...

Employers shouldn't have anything to do with what drugs are covered by a plan and what are not.

I agree, that's a stupid idea.