Thursday, February 22, 2007

Stephenson Vs Hatch

The State Senate is proposing a bill that would require U.S. Senators to recieve counsel from the State legislature and report back. Howard Stephenson asked Orrin Hatch if he would support such a bill. Hatch replied that he had read it and would not, however he had to retract that statement.

Hatch 'clarified' that he had never read the bill but that the U.S. senate did not "give you direction."

Stephenson's choice reply?

"We get a lot of mandates, though. Some of them funded; some of them unfunded."

Hat tip: SLTrib


WP said...

What a joke Tyler, (Stephenson's bill)! The Utah Legislature does not listen to the citizens of Utah, I think we should demand a bill that the legislature take counsel from the people who live here first.