Friday, March 30, 2007

A Casual Meeting Of The Minds

I had a meeting last night with some folks involved in various groups. When I say 'some', I mean only five, but all of these are luminaries in their own organizations, so it was interesting. I was asked to come as a blogger, although I represent no specific interests other than my own. You might say that I am my only hope for a hero.

If it sounds like I'm being vague about what happened there, and whom attended its because I am. I'm hearing a lot about evil conservative conspiracies, and although I don't put any stock in most of those theories, I'd still like to be a part of one.

So, if you're concerned that you might be the subject of a conspiratorial probing, or have had millions of dollars invested in your destruction, then I probably talked about you last night.


On the other hand, this meeting wasn't held in a darkened parking lot, in the shadows. We had one representative from each organization. Citizens for Families,, Eagle Forum, and

Have a look at some groups that are very open about their purpose.