Friday, March 30, 2007

Working Out Of The County: Davis County In The 80th Percentile

Davis County ranks in the top 80 percent of counties who's residents, ages 16 and over, work outside of the county. No other county in Utah can make that claim. Utah and Salt Lake Counties make the top 250, but neither is higher than the 35th percentile.

If that 'working out of the county' statistic were a baby, it would be a fat one.

Considering this, what might our problems be that other counties in Utah lack? Are we getting enough attention in areas of transportation, and infrastructure that we deserve? Mind you, I don't consider the bait-and-switch that was our registration fee hike to be legitimate attention from the state.

We could truly call ourselves an extreme bedroom community.


WP said...

With a second Wal Wart opening in Centerville we should slide in that poll because of the hundreds of new jobs that will be created. Of course people who will work there cannot afford to live in Davis County. Maybe Magna or Tooele will send us their residents? That will give us a double whammy with the numbers.

y-intercept said...

I admit that I never really figured out the logic behind Davis County. Most Utah counties involve going over a pass or through a canyon. Davis County sits dead center on Utah's major transit route.

I also have never figured out where the different street coordinate systems begin and end. I have never figured out which Davis County town is supposed to be the major town in the county.

9000 people live in a place called North Salt Lake City. I wonder if they identify more with Salt Lake County or Davis County.

Since school districts get their money from property tax, I suspect the schools do well. For that matter, one of my bosses ages back moved to Davis County because he felt the school district was better and the County had better services than Salt Lake.

I understand that a large number of folks working at the state capitol choose to live in Davis County. I would suspect that there is a great deal of powerful political influence invested in keeping Davis County a collection of quiet bedroom communities.

WP said...

Not a good theory y-intercept because this new Wal Wart is set to disturb our wa and community feng shui in Centerville.