Thursday, March 29, 2007

When Back From My Hawaii Hiatus, Then I'll Go Swimming!

I haven't been to the South Davis Recreation Center yet.

"But," you'll say, "you were opposed to it! Of course you won't go."

It isn't that I don't want to go. I absolutely despise this boondoggle on paper. To me, it doesn't figure as a good investment. If it ever broke even, financially, then I'd be happy.

Now that it's here, I want to go and get my money's worth. Ironically, a lot of people have found out information on the place by consulting my blog.

I should be on the payroll!

I can't go yet because I have other priorities. My wife and I wanted to go when our city had a free night, but couldn't work it in. I wanted to go last Saturday, but we went to the Zoo instead, because children under age two get in free.

My daughter was two for another week. Yeah, I'm cheap!

So, I'm promising you right now that as soon as we get back from our vacation in Hawaii, we'll go swim in the pool.

We'll be gone from April 1st through the 9th. Somebody check on our house and make sure it doesn't burn down?

I won't be blogging that week.


althepal said...

Somehow you don't seem like a "Hawaii" kinda guy.

I was thinking more like Idaho.


Allie said...

We've been to the pool twice now. Once for the free NSL day, and once because at the free NSL day, we all put our names in the drawing to win a free pass, and I won!

Now that we have to pay to go, we probably won't be going as much. It's really fun though, even my three-year-old has fun walking around and going down slides and spraying his dad with the water guns.

I don't remember for sure, but I think 3 year olds (and younger kids) get in free.

Have fun in Hawaii.