Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Rulon Vs NSL

Want to see an Olympian in person? Then you might consider attending the March 20th meeting of the North Salt Lake City Council. Rulon Gardner, former Greco-Roman Wrestler, will be addressing the city council to ask for some money to help rebuild a wall that he says was poorly constructed by a previous owner, and should not have passed inspection.

His lawyer says that there will be no lawsuit against the city since the law makes municipalities immune from lawsuits related to negligent inspections.

You might recognize Rulon's lawyer too, if you follow politics in Utah. He is none other than Todd Weiler, Chairman of the Republican Party in Davis County, and newly elected Vice-Chair of the State GOP. Some think Weiler may have a Governorship in his future. That is if, as is alleged here, that Weiler is actually a patsy of the UEA. Weiler, of course, denies this anonymous allegation.

I just thought some of you might be interested in seeing the parade of who's who, and who was who, in Davis County. Right here in little-old NSL.

Hat tip: Clipper
Second hat tip: Political Spyglass


WP said...

If I attend Tyler do you think the luminaries there would sign my agenda sheet for the evening? The autographs could be valuable, maybe sell 'em on ebay in the future...

Tyler Farrer said...


Great idea!

bekkieann said...

Some years ago the water main in the street outside my NSL home burst. At the same time, the water supply hose to my washer burst and flooded my basement. I discovered the flood as the workers were digging up the street outside. I asked the mayor and city workers if my flood could be related, and they assured me it was not, although one worker measured the water pressure on my outside faucet and found it to be double the normal PSI. Then they found we did not have a pressure regulator as required by code. So as the original owners of the house, who do we blame for this? Not us, says the City, although the house passed their inspection. The city was good enough to provide a fan to help dry things out, but our homeowner's insurance paid for the damage.

Incidentally, the pressure was so great, it sheared off a cast-iron fitting at our water meter box, and the city did have to replace that. Don't get me started on that story!

I have another small rant about NSL on my blog today.