Wednesday, March 14, 2007

[Davis County Watch: Guest Bloggers] If you want to sign the petition...

Calling all South Davis County Residents!

If you want to sign the petition allowing a public vote on the voucher issue and haven't had a chance yet, email me at and I'll arrange a chance for you to sign it!

Sorry for the subversion, Tyler! You may now go back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Posted By Natalie to Davis County Watch: Guest Bloggers at 3/14/2007 07:15:00 PM


Tyler Farrer said...


I see no subversion here. I allow you access to post for a reason.

Jeremy said...


I disagree with you on lots of stuff but there is no denying that your openness on this site benefits all of us. Very cool of you to let Natalie post stuff that is important to those of us on the other side. Major props!

Natalie said...

Tyler, you're spoiling my fun! It's always more interesting to be subversive!

Thanks for the forum.