Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Flouride Inmates

Somebody was searching for 'flouride inmates' on google and found my blog as a result. What could they have been looking for? I can't imagine if it matters that inmates are given fluoride, or that, in Davis County, they drink fluoridated water like the rest of us?

It makes me think I haven't been vigilant enough about inmates on fluoride.


Ralph Nader said...

"I can't imagine if it matters that inmates are given fluoride"

Well perhaps the more intelligent of "them" inmatres just do't want to gulp down a toxic chemical.

Just a thought.

Ever been to jail?

I already know the answer.


y-intercept said...

The other links about "fluoride and inmates" seem to be claiming that the Nazi were doing experiments on inmates to make them more docile ... feeding into the idea that fluoridation is a conspiracy.

This search shows the problems with web research. I suspect that the only people who would be optimizing for that keyword combo are folks bent on thd idea that the government is trying to do something to us by adding fluoride to water.

The search makes sense (even the mispelling) if your goal is to find anti-fluoride sites.

Speaking of which, it would be far better for the teeth to use a fluoride wash once in awhile than to fluoridate the water.

Tyler Farrer said...