Sunday, December 31, 2006

Announcing Utah Bloghive

The people who blog at Ponder it and Hot Blava-two blogs I enjoy-have put their hat into the ring of the political blog aggregator.

I like it!

Utah Bloghive


Bradley said...

Hahaha. I guess you noticed the referral traffic while I was testing out this new idea. I've put this up as a proof-of-concept to try to get some other people interested in assuming editorial control. If those people pass, I will proceed with the project on my own. I think the "bloghive" can be a great community building tool for Utah political bloggers. It was inspired by and based on the same software as

Tyler Farrer said...

After I posted, I realized that you don't link to it anywhere yourself. So, that's some free linkage for ya.

jessica said...

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