Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What does the Triumvirate teach us?

Moral: If you can't get away with 138% tax hike, then try one 24%, one 37%, and one jail expansion. Milk cities, and school districts for any additional funds.

Some are core functions, some aren't, but they are all excuses for higher taxes.

Death by a thousand cuts.



Deseret News


Allie said...

Our mortgage payment is going up by $50/month next year. THAT'S PER MONTH!!! (granted, a good chunk of that is because of our finished basement- but some of it is just from the last tax increase)

That doesn't take into account the $60/year that it will go up after this new tax hike goes into effect.

That money has to come from somewhere. What do people do who can't cut back their fun money or their grocery budget anymore?

Tyler Farrer said...

What about the seniors that have been retired for a while and don't want to go back to work--or can't? One gentleman who had retired in 1985 asked the Commission to explain how he was going to pay an increase on the same income as twenty years ago.

This is all money that could be circulating in the economy and generating wealth.