Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Triple-threat Tax increase

Yesterday, the County Commission voted to approve the 2007 budget. Included in the budget is a roughly $60 per $171,000 household tax increase. This, after tabling the vote at the public hearing where the commissioners heard a number of senior citizens and business owners decrying the tax.

The 37% tax increase went in when almost nobody was looking, Tuesday morning. Perhaps people thought that the Commissioners were going to reduce the tax, or defer it until the incoming group could consider its merits.

Not this commission!

I wonder what Commissioner McConkie meant at the Convention when he said, "I've learned my lesson"?

I wonder what Alan Hansen was thinking when he voted for the tax that will become his legacy?

Supply is demand, is supply, and our seniors who haven't 'needed' the aging services may now see a reason to start.

At the public hearing last week the Director of the Davis County Health Department said that the County could not meet the demand for these services. What is wrong with that? Many of these services are provided by the private sector, or volunteers, or are already funded by the Federal government. Many are of no cost to the County at all.

Steve Rawlings told me that the County had land, acquired to prevent flood issues that they could sell to get revenue.

Now we have a flood-tax increase, urged by Mr. Rawlings himself!

Citizens for Fax Fairness urged the County to slim the budget to make maintenance of the expanded Jail feasible without a tax increase.

The vote for the Jail was not a blank check for an additional tax.

This, lame-duck, Commission wants to go out with a bang.