Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Relocation of NSL's city hall

The gravel pit development that is visible when exiting I-15 from SL may be home to NSL's new City Hall.

The North Salt Lake Star (i.e. the city newsletter) also says that certain streets will be closed for "Commuter Rail" soon.

Main Street, January 15-29
1100 North, February
Center Street, February

I've got to check with the city. I'm not sure if they intend a rail line to run along Main Street, or Highway 89? I don't think Main street has the capacity at present. I'm aware of where the rail is supposed to be in Centerville, but Bountiful and North Salt Lake are still a mystery.

I haven't figured out how I'm going to get home between the 15th and the 29th, regardless.


Allie said...

The road closures (from north to south) 1100, Main, and Center, refer to where the train lines currently cross the roads at those points. The roads will be closed while the commuter rail line is put in place across the roads.

I hadn't read anything about a city hall location change. (should I complain again about the poor placement of the electronic sign?)

WP said...

The Clipper article said they were thinking of moving your city hall to the gravel pit development. I have been in the existing one and I was impressed. If it moves to this new location your city really needs to think about a new name to go along with the change in location. Orchard City would be a good name maybe...

Tyler Farrer said...

The location change possibility surprised me. I think the building serves us well where it is.

If we rename the city based upon city hall being moved we should call it the 'Pits', or Pitsville.

Matt Hardy said...

City Hall, the Justice Court, and the Police Station are all way over capacity. For instance, the police station was built to hold 7 officers and is currently holding around 15. The gravel pit is just one option the city is looking at along with expanding the current facility or even building a new building just to the South of the existing City Hall and using the existing building to expand the court and police.