Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Change to BETA Blogger

You may have noticed a change in the blog since last night. I made the jump to the new Blogger format, and in so doing, I've lost my old comments.

I used a different engine, Haloscan, for my comments than the average Blogspot user. I liked them, but I'm not sure if anyone else did. So, I'm doing a little poll. Vote and let me know if you prefer the vanilla comments, or if you want me to put in the bells and whistles?


Allie said...

To get from haloscan comments back to your blog, you had to hit the back arrow (unless I was missing something this whole time).

Tyler Farrer said...

No, Haloscan is officially not a part of my blog anymore. When you leave a comment now it is with Blogger. Frankly, Blogger has improved enough that I'm probably not going to switch to Haloscan.