Friday, December 22, 2006

Davis residents groan over 37% tax hike

An article in the Deseret News has some free advertising for this blog, with a couple of quotes from yours truly.

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""I don't know what good it did us to go out in pounding rain, when they paid no attention," Gulbransen said.

Gulbransen, a widow on a fixed income, said the tax increase, which amounts to $60 per year on the average home valued at $171,000, will make her rethink how she spends money. Since she lives in a home worth more than $171,000, her tax increase will be more than the average, she said.
"It just means that I will have to pay it, and I'll have to let something else go," she said.
That something might be some of the money she usually gives her grandchildren for Christmas, she said."
Davis residents groan over 37% tax hike


Jeremy said...

The debate over the tax hike is one thing. The fact that it was passed by a lame duck commission 2/3rds of which won't be around to answer for it is what really chaps my hide. What a cowardly way for Republicans to run our government. This should have been left to the new commission after the beginning of the year.

This is yet another example of what we get when we elect government that doesn't have any diversity in partisan membership. There isn't anyone in an official capacity to call the jerks out when they do something like this. One Democrat wouldn't have been able to stop the Republican tax increase but he would have been heavily quoted in the news as he tried to take partisan advantage of the crooked Republican lame duck tactics.

Tyler Farrer said...

I'll concede your point on this one.

(Boy that statement could come back to bite me in the next election).