Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A, Belated, Merry Christmas

Most bloggers take Christmas off. I didn't give myself a hard time to stop blogging, so I neglected to wish the handful of Davis County Watchers a Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

So, there you have it. That's all you get.

Onto some other observations regarding government. After the expiring Commission voted in another ghastly tax hike, I noticed the Davis County government website went down. Now that it's back, I'm trying to see what has changed.

  • A list of delinquent property tax payers. A fine "Merry Christmas" from Davis County government.
  • An Animal Control Kennel Roster which tells us that somebody lost their goat. Also, this quote, "Davis County Animal Services management and staff reserve the right to make final decisions on the adoptability of animals, irregardless of how they are marked on this page." (Note: bolding is mine. Irregardless is not a word).
  • They continue to list the most popular links, but there needs to be a "What's New" link so they can say, "Here's your tax hike!"
  • There are some new pictures with snow in them.
I'm glad that government screeches to a halt on holidays. I wonder how much money is saved when they shut down operations?


Allie said...

If that is a list of animals that have been lost, what are all the horses doing on it? How in the world do you "lose" a horse?

There's a pig too.

Tyler Farrer said...

Yeah, who knew.

Poor Wilbur, or is it Babe?