Thursday, December 21, 2006

Davis County: Utah County's cousin

In terms of size and population Davis County is right in line with Utah County, yet when the County wishes to advertise its fiscal situation we are inevitably compared with a large, demographically distinct, Weber County.

The Salt Lake Tribune has compared a recent Jail expansion initiative in Utah County with what occurred in Davis County.

"But unlike their counterpart to the north - where commissioners voted Tuesday to raise taxes 37 percent to help fund the jail - Utah County isn't eyeing a tax hike.
"I'm not interested in having to be the Davis County Commission and raising taxes to open a jail," Commissioner Steve White said earlier this month after approving the 2007 Utah County budget. "The big winner is the taxpayer because we are able to do all this without raising property taxes.""
Utah County: No new taxes for this jail expansion


Robert Collin said...
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Robert Collin said...

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