Tuesday, August 14, 2007

RAP Tax: Rumors Of Its Death

Why is North Salt Lake consistently opposed to tax and fee increases in this county?

That is the question that, I'm sure, Bountiful, and other city officials ask when it comes time to promote the next "best" increase for someone's pet project.

North Salt Lake opposed the fee increase for transportation corridor preservation. They now oppose the RAP tax, and the city residents were the only city to vote against the Recreation Center. The Utah Rattler first pointed out the hypocrisy of Bountiful's opposition to the County tax increase/property valuations. Of course we ought to side with Bountiful when they are right.

I'm glad that I live in a city that bucks trends towards higher taxes and fees. This city fights, not only, for its own best interest, but for its residents sound finances.

Mayor Schaefermeyer deserves a big star for her efforts and leadership.

Hat tip: Utah Rattler.