Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Davis County Enacts 37 Percent Tax Hike

I knew this was going to happen.

A one-time abatement given to some Davis County residents will do nothing to the counties bottom line. Next year, the full tax burden of this tax increase will be felt again. Some, next year, will see their valuations rise and feel the pain that both Bountiful, and North Salt Lake thought belonged exclusively to them.

Will residents whose home values will go up next year get anything for their suffering?


Those residents who benefit from the abatement this year on their property taxes will get the full tax bill next year.

The county isn't about to draw any attention to this fact. They are keeping quite and letting the taxpayers think that they were heard at the taxation hearing.


Jeremy said...

You know I agree with you.

It is important to point out that the re-assessment of Woodscross, West Bountiful, and Centerville next year will relieve a portion of the tax burden placed on Bountiful this year due to the 2007 re-assessment of Bountiful parcels. Centerville is benefiting this year from the same under-assessment and unfairly low share of the county tax burden that Bountiful enjoyed during recent years previous to their re-assessment.

While the problem is the tax not the assessment it will still be nice when the whole county is assessed each year and the unfair burden of re-assessment stops moving from city to city each year.

WP said...

What happened to Mr. McConkie? Was he not shown the back door by the county R party for suggesting there could be a tax increase? Does this mean Milburn and company may be one-termers?

Tyler Farrer said...

It would seem that way. Will the voters remember this come election time?