Wednesday, August 15, 2007

RAP Tax Defined

A RAP tax (Recreation, Arts, Parks) is, by design, a way that certain aficionados of the arts shift the funding of their passion from themselves to everyone else. It falls into the category of 'legal plunder' that was defined by Bastiat 150 years ago. I think that I will always oppose these taxes for that reason. There is no cause for someone who enjoys the arts, and currently has access to them, to shift the burden for funding them to the taxpayers.

If Bountiful City wants to get a RAP tax going, let them leave the other cities alone. North Salt Lake's Mayor Schaefermeyer has already come out in opposition to this tax.


Joshua said...

it is sad that you show such uncultured and uncivilized preceptions with such a post. It has always been the Arts by which a civilization has been defined. Those arts have always had funding from private and public sources. If you feel this way why don't we disband the National Endowment for the Arts, the Smithsonian Institute, all Liberal Arts Colleges, and every other government subsidized project. After all "why don't they foot the bill themselves?" It is a sad world we live in indeed when the most miserly have the power to do the most good, for they refuse to impart of their resources for the betterment of society and the world around them. The RAP tax is such an insignifigant proportion of a sales tax that is already in place; that to let that money sit their waiting to be gobbled up by other private interests that return nothing into the communities that they take the money from is the truly criminal 'legal plunder'.

Tyler Farrer said...

"it is sad that you show such uncultured and uncivilized preceptions with such a post."

Well, clearly a person that doesn't want his taxes going to the arts has no interest in the arts, right?

Wrong. I'm happy with the arts. I fancy myself a Shakespeare buff, actually. I just don't want it forced from me.

" let that money sit their(sic) waiting to be gobbled up by other private interests that return nothing into the communities that they take the money from is the truly criminal 'legal plunder'."

Believe me, if I'm not taxed the insignificant amount in the RAP, it won't "be gobbled up by other private interests". It will be spent by me, as I choose.

It's my money! My private interest at stake.

Joshua said...

If you are that anti-tax why then do we pay our public officials with tax dollars? Public officials that you support. Why do we have any community services at all? Are you opposed to parks? Youth Sports and other community sponsered events? Should we do away with road maitenance or the fire and police departments? No no no, I am sure you consider those "needs". Basic civil services right? Well I am being taxed for them, yet I have never had NEED of the fire department, nor the police. I own a 4 wheel drive vehicle so I really don't care if the roads are bad. Why don't the private individuals who want those services pay for it and leave my money alone. I have no kids so i have no NEED for public education anymore yet they steal my money and tax my property to pay for it. HOW DARE THEY?! Those tax and spend liberals! The fact of the matter is this, we are taxed, where that tax money goes is a whole other question. Personally I would much rather see bright a new beacon of culture and sophistication grace my county then yet another strip mall, or another subdivision. Working in the real estate field I am stunned every day how much government assitance is given to "private sector" projects. For once it would be nice to see a project that is solely for the people have a chance to get up off the ground.

Oh, and anyone who is TRULY a fan of Shakespeare wants it forced on everyone. It goes with the territory. Reading a couple of sonets and seeing plays doesn't create a Shakespearian Dramturge. However his is always the first name to be pulled to try and make oneself sound cultured. The Bard worship doesn't impress anyone into thinking you really are "pro-arts". And thats okay, you don't have to be. The world is full because of all types in it.

You have a group of people in this area who want to do something great, who want to share their gifts with all around. They need a proper place to do it in. You wouldn't ask the firemen to try and do what they do with out trucks and a station. We obviously don't ask our mayor and city council to operate out of the basement of the mayors home. This group wants to give back to their community the best way they know how, they have tried for years to figure out on how to do it alone, and have gotten about half way there. All they are asking is for everyone to pitch in 1 penny for every 1 dollar you are going to spend fo eight years. That is less then the change you will lose in your sofa or in cleaning out your car. 1 penny at a time to build a place that ALL residents would be proud to have in their community. It is sad when we can't muster up even that amount of generosity of spirit to affect change for good in our communities because of fear-mongers, decrying "legalized plunder" and "tax and spend liberals". I would have you know on an interesting side note that the people who are highest up in this group are FAR FAR from liberal democrates. They are as ultra-conservitive republican as I have ever met. They just happen to be able to see the world for what it is and not what they want it to be.

Anonymous said...

Tyler, thank you for your comments about the RAP tax. I recently did a story for a newspaper about a celebration of Shakespeare's birthday that hosted several hundred public school students and was supposedly supported by RAP tax. The director of the event told me his organization paid for it, though I heard otherwise later.
As a lover of the arts myself and as positive as this particular event was, I agree with you about the taxing.
I plan to begin a private school in the near future. Despite the heavy funding of the public school system and good intent, it's better left to the free market, along with most other state and mostly federal government operated agencies and programs.
I wish you the best,