Friday, August 31, 2007

NSL Development: What To Do?

North Salt Lake is weighing its options on what to do with the 13 undeveloped acres of land near the Bonneville Shoreline.

What should be done with that land?


David said...

That depends on what North Salt Lake needs. I know that when I look at land down here in Utah county my assessment of what the land should be used for is heavily influenced by the needs of the city where it sits.

What do you think NSL needs right now (and in the future)?

Tyler Farrer said...

I think we should develop it. I've weighed in a lot on this issue previously about this land. I hope to hear about what others think.

Annie said...

Recreation! The public needs places to go outside and be active! Parks, tennis courts, baseball fields, trails, basketball courts, ponds, reservoir, soccer fields and the list could go on and on!