Friday, August 17, 2007

Davis Tax Relief In Sight, On Your Site

I can't help but think that the Commission missed the boat on this one(DesNews). The underlying problem is not the assessment, but the tax increase. Regardless, they are addressing the concerns expressed by the citizens at the "Truth in Taxation" hearing. I wish they had read between the lines a bit more, however.

"Values for residential property in Davis County went up an average of 19.4 percent this year, and tax increases by four taxing entities are expected to hit some residents' pretty hard.

Davis County Clerk/Auditor Steve Rawlings said some residents saw their property values double, and others saw 50 percent increases.

But anyone whose values went up 24 percent or more over the past two years, which is the average increase for the past two years, will be eligible for the abatement.

For every $20,000 in market value over that 24 percent increase, the county is proposing to reduce property taxes by $100."

Hat tip: My father


Jeremy said...

This solution only prolongs inequities which have existed during previous years due to the county's failure to keep up with assessments in Bountiful. An abatement for people affected by the re-assessment gives away new construction revenue to the very people who've benefited the most from being under-assessed in years past.

I can see why this solution is politically palatable for our elected officials but that doesn't change the fact that Tyler is right. The taxes are the problem.

davecalderwood said...

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Tyler Farrer said...


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Please folks, don't get duped into spending more of your hard earned money!

davecalderwood said...
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